Corsair shows off WMD flash

Written by Wil Harris

January 9, 2007 | 16:49

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Corsair has been showing off some super-desirable kit at CES today, including a flash stick that wouldn't look out of place next to G-gnome's famous WMD case mod.

The company is releasing PC10000 memory modules equipped with the Dominator heatsink, and is continuing to roll the new heatsink design down through the main range of products. The 10k part runs at 5-5-5-18, which is a rather nice set of specs. Corsair actually had it running overclocked at 1313MHz in their suite, which means it should be a good little overclocker.

On show was an expanded range of flash drives. There is a new version of the Flash Voyager drive - famous for being bounce-off-the-wall-rubbery - named the GT, which uses faster flash. There's also a drive which has a built-in keypad for PIN-based security, which means the drive won't mount in Windows without the PIN being entered first.

Undoubtedly the coolest thing, however, was the G-Force flash drive, the closest thing to indestructible flash that we've seen. It has an aluminium carry case, and the actual stick unscrews from the case to plug in. The whole thing looks like a little hand grenade or similar, and it's amazingly cool to hold in your hand. The price premium over standard Corsair flash shouldn't really be too much, making this surely the must-have fashion flash for 07.

Does it appeal to you? Let us know over in the forums.

The Dominator PC10k and the whole Dominator range.

Flash Voyager GT and the PIN-pad drive.

The G-Force flash WMD-a-like!

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