Acer leaks AMD triple-core mobile chip

May 5, 2010 | 10:18

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A new AMD mobile processor featuring three physical cores has apparently been leaked via an Acer product announcement.

As reported over on Fudzilla, Acer's up-coming 17in and 15.6in Aspire notebooks were due to hit the market running AMD's quad-core Phenom processors - but the company appears to be sneaking out a budget range alongside the previously announced quad-core parts featuring an as-yet unannounced AMD triple-core processor.

The two new Aspires are pegged to use the AMD Phenom X3 N830 - a previously unknown triple-core chip running at 2.1GHz. While precise specifications regarding cache size and expected power draw aren't yet available, it's clear that it's a budget processor aimed at the portable market - and should be priced accordingly, with Fudzilla claiming that the notebooks based around the new chip will be around €100 cheaper than their quad-core counterparts.

Interestingly, AMD appears to be positioning the part to go head-to-head with rival Intel's dual-core mobile processors. While Intel will likely have an edge in the power draw stakes on a per-core basis, buyers opting for an X3 N830 in their next notebook will enjoy the benefits of an extra processing core - although how much extra performance that will translate to depends largely on how efficiently the individual user's software can take advantage of multithreading.

With AMD keeping quiet on this particular product, it remains to be seen whether the company could finally succeed in threatening Intel's current dominance of the mobile market.

Do you think that a triple-core processor could be just the thing your laptop has been crying out for, or is anything more than two processing cores wasted on an average user's laptop? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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