AMD's A10-5800K hits 7.3GHz under liquid nitrogen

October 8, 2012 | 10:23

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AMD's Trinity family of APUs has certainly generated interest, with its top-end A10-5800K proving a worthy product for the budget-friendly lightweight gaming niche - but while we managed to get the company's latest accelerated processing unit (APU) to 4.4GHz, extreme overclockers have been enjoying rather more success with the unlocked chip.

According to validated CPU-Z results first collated by German-language hardware site PC Games Hardware, those willing to risk blowing up their new £90-ish processor have managed to get the chip running as high as 5.1GHz on air, before being blown away with a 7.3GHz overclock powered by liquid nitrogen.

First, the more reasonable air-cooling performance: CPU-Z user NAMEGT reached 5.1GHz with the unlocked A10-5800K based on a 51x multiplier on a 100MHz bus speed at a core voltage of 1.616V. Impressively, that figure was achieved with all four cores active simultaneously - something that the liquid-nitrogen crowd were unable to duplicate.

For those who prefer their cooling a little less practical, CPU-Z user GASBK_TW managed to hit an impressive 7.3GHz using the same A10-5800K chip by boosting the core voltage to a panic-inducing 1.956V. As a result, the chip managed to run at an eye-watering 62x multiplier on a 118MHz bus speed. Although that's certainly impressive, in order to achieve such a high CPU-Z-validated overclock two of the processor's four cores needed to be disabled - crippling the performance for multithreaded applications.

Even with such high overclocks, the Trinity family of APUs is unlikely to make much of an impact against Intel's Core i7 and even i5 family: the weakness of Piledriver's x86 performance means that it struggles to compete even when overclocked. For those looking to build a budget-friendly rig capable of playing most games with the graphics settings dialled down a little, however, it's likely to prove popular - and with figures like these available, a little overclocking could make the chip even more of a bargain.
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