AMD demos Llano APU

October 19, 2010 | 17:50

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AMD has taken the wraps off its Llano accelerated processing unit, offering attendees at the AMD Technical Forum & Exhibition their first look at the chip.

The hype surrounding the company's APU range hasn't quietened any, with corporate vice president Chris Cloran claiming that 'the serial and powerful parallel processing capability of the Llano APU has the potential to make OEMs and consumers re-think their computing experience.'

The demonstrations centred around a Llano-equipped workstation running Windows 7, and demonstrated both hardcore mathematical capabilities and enhanced multimedia performance. The ability of Llano to speed up processing time for mathematical applications was demonstrated with the calculation of Pi to 32 million decimal places - and never let it be said that AMD don't know how to party - while the somewhat less intensive accelerated playback of high-definition content from a Blu-ray disc was also shown.

More impressively, the system was shown running Microsoft's nBody DirectCompute application, which reported a performance of around 32 gigaflops from the Llano APU.

While the demonstrations themselves weren't all that impressive, the fact that the system was running all three demos at once was certainly worthy of note - and with Cloran claiming that developers will be able to tap in to 'four hundred to five hundred gigaflops of performance' on Llano-equipped hardware, AMD's latest innovation could turn the tide of the company's fortunes.

Do you believe that Llano and other APUs represent the future of computing, or is AMD on a hiding to nothing? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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