AMD has confirmed that a bug causing Destiny 2 and selected Linux distributions to fail to run on its latest Zen 2-based Ryzen 3000 series processors will need a microcode update to resolve - but claims it has distributed the necessary code to its motherboard partners already.

AMD's third-generation Ryzen processors, based on the company's Zen 2 microarchitecture, are undeniably impressive - but users of some software packages have been reporting incompatibility issues. For gamers, the headline was Destiny 2 refusing to run when running on any system with a Ryzen 3000 series processor installed; for Linux users, an incompatibility between the chips and selected versions of the systemd init system and related software suite. In both cases, the issue was the same: a complete inability to use the software without reverting to older hardware.

Following an investigation, AMD has tracked down the root cause of the issue and has a fix: a microcode update shipped as part of the AMD Generic Encapsulated Software Architecture (AGESA) firmware. It's not the first time it has used AGESA to work around compatibility issues with its processors: An FMA3 erratum on the original Zen architecture was resolved via AGESA, while it has also brought improved performance and memory compatibility options - plus a few bugs of its own.

As with earlier AGESA updates, the fix needs to be integrated into manufacturer's own UEFI firmware for distribution to end users. Once the UEFI updates containing the updated AGESA release are made available, they will resolve the issue. For those who cannot boot their system to install the updated firmware in the first place - a particular issue for those attempting to use third-generation Ryzen parts on previous-generation X470 or B450 motherboards, which support the chips only once an updated UEFI is installed - AMD has confirmed it continues to offer a short-term processor loan boot kit, sending out an AMD Athlon 200GE processor to allow the system to boot and have its firmware updated prior to the installation of a Ryzen 3000 series CPU.

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