AMD shows its Fusion APU (then hides it)

June 3, 2010 | 16:29

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AMD showed off its upcoming 'low-power Fusion APU (Accelerated Processing Unit)', showing a Llano or Ontario CPU that could run Aliens vs Predator in DirectX 11. These CPUs are due on sale in the first half of next year, with AMD customers (that is, system builders) being able to buy stock before the year's out.

There was no indication of settings or resolution used in AvP however, although the detail level was evidently quite high. The frame rate was just smooth enough as the Predator moved around the environment, so we're fairly impressed by this initial showing of something that's still in development. AMD also demonstrated that APU acceleration in Internet Explorer 9 offered a 25x performance increase from 2fps to 50fps with graphically intensive web pages.

For a brief moment AMD showed its Fusion CPUs in a large silicon wafer, but our attempts at getting a photograph after the show were met with stern denials, as the AMD spokeswoman promptly hid it behind her as she bolted for the exit. Maybe AMD can't afford to waste a single wafer? We don't know.

AMD confirmed its Llano APU is aimed at the mainstream market, and that the Ontario design is designed for low power use and long battery life. Both will provide the 'full HD PC experience', including an upgraded UVD3 enhanced video processing engine, all available in affordable and thin laptops. Both CPUs are being sampled to customers (system builders) now, and we can expect finished laptops in the first half of next year

Amusingly, and quite rightly, AMD explained that 'no consumer needs to open their excel spreadsheet faster' and that 'no-one knows what processor is in their TV'. AMD's focus is only consuming media and data movement, which constitutes a major part of its continued Vision brand push.

To push its Fusion products further, AMD announced its Fusion Fund Program, that will directly invest in hardware and software start-up companies. When asked to confirm a budget attached to this program, AMD refused to provide more details until a later date.

Finally, AMD will also be launching launching Vision Black laptops that have CPUs with unlocked multipliers to allow overclocking and tweaking. Does it come with its own pot for LN2 to be poured in at the side we wonder? Click here for a bit more on AMD's new range of components for Vision laptops.

Do you recon AMD is finally back in the competitive game with Fusion APUs? Will you look forward to playing DX11 titles on your ultrathin laptop? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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