AMD to drop FX CPUs, move to APUs, suggests leaked slide

Written by Edward Chester

December 4, 2013 | 12:09

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A leaked AMD product roadmap suggests AMD may be set to step out of the performance consumer CPU market to concentrate solely on APU production.

The roadmap, which was leaked by, shows that socket AM3+ "Vishera" FX CPUs will exist for as long as AMD can foresee, all the way into 2015. In contrast, the next several generations of APU are clearly marked out, with the upcoming "Kaveri" mainstream APU being followed by "Carrizo" and the low-power "Kabini" being followed by "Beema".

The conclusion this has lead some to is that AM3+ will be the last performance CPU socket the company produces, signalling the end of FX CPUs. The logic being that if AMD were to continue with another solution it would be marked on the roadmap.

This would leave AMD concentrating on APUs for the mainstream PC, laptop and tablet markets, as well as continuing with its server-oriented Opteron products.

The move would certainly make a certain amount of sense, given AMD has struggled for several years to keep tabs with Intel in terms of raw CPU performance. By doubling down on APUs it could save development costs and still enhance its offerings in that space.

AMD to drop FX CPUs, move to APUs, suggests leaked slide

However, the news is far from being confirmed at the moment, with us still waiting on a comment from AMD.
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