AMD unveils its Trinity A10, A8, A6 and A4 desktop chips

September 27, 2012 | 10:58

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AMD has formally unveiled its next-generation Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), the Piledriver-based Trinity series, releasing full specifications for two top-end A10 and two mid-range A8 parts, along with a chip each for its A6 and A4 entry-level families.

Starting at the top, the A10-5800K is an unlocked 3.8GHz quad-core part with Turbo Core capabilities that dynamically boost the clock speed to 4.2GHz when only one or two cores are under load. The graphics portion of the chip is handled by a Radeon HD 7660D core, running at 800MHz and boasting 384 stream processors. Despite its 7000-series name, however, the Radeon HD 7660D shares its architecture with the 6000-series with a few tweaks including improved dynamic boost support and compatibility with Eyefinity multi-monitor setups.

The A10-5800K is joined by a slightly cheaper A10-5700, which drops the clock speed to 3.4GHz stock and 4GHz under Turbo Boost conditions. The same Radeon HD 7660D graphics hardware is included on-chip and the full count of 384 stream processors makes it through intact.

In the mid-range, the A8-5600K is an unlocked quad-core 3.6GHz part with Turbo Core boosting the clock speed up to 3.9GHz. As well as a slight clock-speed hit, the graphics hardware gets a more severe cut-down to the Radeon HD 7650D with 256 stream processors running at 760MHz. The A8-5600 completes the mid-range Trinity line-up, featuring the same graphics hardware at the same speed but dropping CPU performance to 3.2GHz and 3.7GHz under Turbo Core.

Finally, the entry-level A6-5400K is a dual-core part running at 3.6GHz core and 3.8GHz under Turbo Core conditions. As befits an entry-level part, the graphics portion of the processor has been severely hobbled: officially rated as a Radeon HD 7540D, the GPU has 192 stream processors running at 760MHz. The A4-5300, meanwhile, drops the CPU performance to 3.4GHz and 3.6GHz under Turbo Core, while offering low-end Radeon HD 7480D graphics with 128 stream processors running at 723MHz.

With the new line-up, AMD spans a range of thermal design profiles (TDP) from 65W for its entry-level parts up to 100W for the range-topping A10-5800K. With initial indications showing that AMD's latest creations may outperform similarly-priced Intel chips, the underdog may finally have what it needs to bring the fight to its long-time rival in the lucrative mid-range market.
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