AMD shows off quieter Wraith heatsink and fan

January 8, 2016 | 11:50

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AMD has released a demonstration of a redesigned air cooler, dubbed Wraith, which it claims offers a significant noise reduction over its traditional stock cooler design for high-TDP chips.

Shown off in a video demonstration which includes visualisations of the noise generated by both coolers running in an anechoic chamber, the AMD Wraith retains the overall appearance of the company's stock cooler: it's a fin-based air-cooled heatsink which users forced convection from a fan positioned over the top and pointing down, rather than the side-fan tower-style used by the majority of mainstream and performance aftermarket coolers.

Where the Wraith differs is in size: while measurements have not been released, a side-by-side comparison in the video shows the Wraith to be considerably larger than the stock heatsink it is designed to replace. There's a nod to enthusiast sensibilities, too, with the inclusion of an LED backlit AMD logo to the fan's shroud, offering some of the aesthetic features typically reserved for third party accessories.

AMD's video concentrates solely on the noise levels of the two heatsinks, and doesn't look a the cooling performance. With the company positioning the Wraith as a replacement for the stock heatsink bundled with its higher-end hardware, though, it must surely offer an equal performance at a lower noise level - though the increased size of the heatsink combined with what appears to be a larger number of heatpipes would suggest the Wraith offers improved thermal performance, too.

AMD has not indicated when it plans to begin shipping the Wraith, nor whether it will replace the stock heatsink across its entire range or only on selected chips - or even if it plans to offer the Wraith as a separately-purchased accessory rather than bundling it at all. The video demonstration is reproduced below.

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