Arm poaches Intel IoT GM Dipti Vachani

December 18, 2018 | 10:05

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Embedded and low-power computing giant Arm has announced that it has successfully poached Intel's general manager for Internet of Things (IoT) projects, Dipti Vachani, to head the company's Intellectual Property Group (IPG) with a focus on embedded and automotive efforts.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M and an MBA in business from the University of Texas at Austin, Dipti Vachani spent 12 years at Texas Instruments, working her way up from manager of the company's wireless product line through to the manager of its digital audio products division, car audio business, digital signal processing (DSP) arm, and eventually the general manager for its Arm processor and single-core processor business efforts. By 2013, Vachani was a vice president at the company, but jumped ship to Skyworks Solutions for a year and a half before being snapped up by Intel to act as the general manager for its Internet of Things (IoT) group.

Now, Intel's loss is Arm's gain: The Japanese-owned and Cambridge-based company has announced that it has poached Vachani away from Intel to act as senior vice president and general manager for the company's automotive and embedded business lines as part of the Intellectual Property Group (IPG) under group president Rene Haas.

'I am thrilled that Dipti is joining our team to take the helm as we lead the industry in redefining compute for automotive and embedded intelligence,' claims Haas of the appointment. 'She shares our belief that Arm will be everywhere compute happens in a world of a trillion connected devices and has a passion for accelerating the adoption of disruptive technologies at the edge.'

'Having worked at Texas Instruments, and most recently at Intel where I was VP and GM in its IoT group, I’ve observed that Arm truly is everywhere compute happens,' crows Vachani in a blog post announcing her new employment. 'Arm IP will be the compute foundation for these transformative opportunities driven by the convergence at the edge of multiple advanced technologies like IoT, machine learning and 5G. Today, I'm excited to announce that I'm now in the heart of this unprecedented compute convergence leading Arm's automotive and embedded business.'

Intel, which has been enjoying growth in its still-minority IoT business division of late, has not commented on Vachani's departure.

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