We'll have Sandy Bridge E at LITS!

Written by James Gorbold

September 5, 2011 | 15:13

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Even though the London International Technology Show (LITS) is still a few months off, we've been working hard to get some wonderful stuff for bit-tech readers to have a play with.

We're therefore pleased to announce that we'll be exclusively showing off a working Sandy Bridge E system to the UK public for the first time on our stand at LITS.

According to Intel, Sandy Bridge E is 'Intel’s next-generation enthusiast-focused platform', so coupled with its quad-channel memory it should be extremely fast and overclockable.

Neither bit-tech nor Intel wanted to show off such an exciting new system in a bog-standard case or just a motherboard tray, so it'll be built inside the most awesome PC chassis ever made: the Armari XCP.

First built in 2008, the XCP has the distinction of being the world's first commerically-produced PC to cool its components in a bath of electrically non-conductive fluid, something that few companies have managed to match since. That brief description hardly does the XCP justice, so here's a video to show you its supreme awesomeness.

So, not only will you get to see Sandy Bridge E in action at LITS, but you'll also get to see it inside the first true piece of PC art. You can still buy tickets to come and meet us and the XCP from the LITS website.

We hope to see you at show - in the meantime post your own superlatives for the XCP in the forum!
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