ECS confirms Core i7-990X

January 4, 2011 | 07:41

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We've already seen plenty of rumours and leaks about Intel's Core i7-990X, but the unreleased chip has now been unofficially confirmed by a motherboard manufacturer. ECS decided to update its website early, leaking all the info about the chip in the process. You just need to head over to the page for ECS' X58B-A3 SLI motherboard and click on the CPU tab to see for yourself.

According to the site, the Core i7-990X runs at 3.46GHz, although the TurboBoost speed hasn't been revealed yet. ECS also says the CPU will have a toasty TDP of 135W, which is 5W higher than the TDP of the Core i7-980X.

Otherwise, the chip looks basically the same as the 980X, featuring B1 stepping and 12MB of Level 3 cache, meaning this chip is basically just a clock-bumped six-core CPU.

Unfortunately, though, ECS' site doesn't list any other new LGA1366 CPUs, so it looks as though there won't be any more affordable six-core upgrades for owners of LGA1366 motherboards. We also don't expect the Core i7-980X or 970 to drop dramatically in price either, since there's no comparative competition from AMD.

Were you looking forward to an upgrade for your LGA1366 system this year, and will the 990X be your chip of choice? Let us know in the forums.
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