Intel Core i3 Clarkdale details leaked

Written by Clive Webster

November 24, 2009 | 15:24

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Tech Connect Magazine is reporting a some pricing and details of Intel’s forthcoming Clarkdale processors, rumoured to be branded Core i3. T-C mag says that German reseller reported that the new range of CPUs will be priced from €103.90 to €252.90 and will be clocked between 2.93GHz and 3.46GHz. Those are some scary numbers if you’re AMD, as even it’s fastest CPU – the Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition – struggles to keep up with Intel’s 2.66GHz Core i5-750.

The story says that there will be both Core i3 and Core i5 Clarkdale CPUs, all of which will have integrated DirectX 10 GPUs. It looks like the Core i3 range won’t have Turbo Boost while the new Core i5s will. However, the level to which these new Core i5s boost doesn’t look quite as impressive as the levels to which the Lynnfield-based Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs can achieve.

The TDPs of the chips look fairly decent at 73W for most of the CPUs, which is a consequence of the 32nm manufacturing process. However, the German reseller suggests that there will be one Core i5 with a TDP of 87W as its GPU will be clocked at 900MHz rather than the 733MHz of the rest of the range. The name of the CPU and the question mark next to its price doesn’t fill us with much confidence that this ‘Core i5-661’ will really happen.

Intel Core i3 Clarkdale details leaked
The leaked information on Intel’s forthcoming Core i3 and Core i5 processors (codenamed Clarkdale)

We expect Clarkdale to fit into the LGA1156 socket, though we don’t yet know if it’ll be compatible with P55 motherboards. However, we have seen some performance figures for Clarkdale CPUs as well as some preview shots of a Westmere motherboard

We don't expect these CPUs to launch this year, so in the meantime all we can do is talk - are you looking forward to some budget-tastic Intel CPUs or do you think AMD will have enough to resist these new CPUs? And would you be annoyed if they weren't compatible with P55 boards? Thoughts in the forums please!
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