Intel launches four more Core M Broadwell chips

November 3, 2014 | 10:57

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Intel has indicated that its 14nm process node is finally maturing after several delays, announcing four new models of Core M mobile-centric processors based on its fifth-generation Broadwell microarchitecture.

Intel has had a rocky road leading to Broadwell. Poor yield of test batch production pushed the launch back by a quarter, with the company admitting that 14nm was a harder shrink than expected. In February this year Broadwell hit another delay, this time blamed on excess stock of Haswell chips, with Intel finally releasing the first Broadwell processors in the form of the mobile-centric Core M family in September this year.

Now, Intel appears to be finally getting to grips with the challenges of 14nm and has announced four more Core M processors featuring improved specifications over those originally released. The Core M-5Y10c sits above the M-5Y10 with a boosted 300MHz minimum graphics clock but otherwise identical 2GHz two-core four-thread setup. The Core M-5Y31 sits above both with a 900MHz core processor clock boosting to 2.4GHz and an 850MHz peak GPU frequency. The Core M-5Y51 is more impressive yet, boasting a 1.1GHz core and 2.6GHz turbo CPU frequency and 900MHz graphics, while the range tops out at the Core M-5Y71 - an upgrade from the 1.1GHz Core M-5Y70 - with a 1.2GHz base and 2.9GHz turbo CPU clock. All models maintain the same 4.5W thermal design profile as their predecessors.

With the 14nm yield issues finally ironed out, everything seems on-track for Intel to launch its desktop-variant Broadwell processors next year - at which point the microarchitecture will be ready for comparison to equivalent Haswell processors. A full list of current Core M-5Y chips and their respective specifications is available on Intel's Ark.
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