Intel discontinues 8th generation Core CPUs

Written by Jennifer Allen

June 3, 2020 | 13:00

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Intel is discontinuing the 8th generation Core desktop processor family as of next year. 

In a product change notice, the company explained that the 8th generation Core desktop processor family, also known as Coffee Lake, along with models of Pentium Gold and Celeron processors based on the same 14nm silicon will be no more soon. The lineup is officially discontinued as of 1st June with suppliers and OEM customers able to order products up until 18th December this year. That means the last product shipment is slated for 4th June 2021 so you do arguably have a fair while to still grab a processor if you're keen to. Here's the full list of what's being discontinued:

It's an understandable move given the 8th generation is fairly dated now. 9th generation chips have long surpassed them and 10th generation Comet Lake-S chips are slowly growing in popularity. The Coffee Lake architecture and the 8th generation series of CPUs tied into that saw the first increase in core counts for Intel's desktop processors in nearly a decade so it's a big deal to say farewell to them, but one that's about due given recent developments. Back in the day, the top of the line Coffee Lake processor was the six-core (12 thread) Intel Core i7-8700K launched in late 2017. It's now roughly in line with a Core-i5 CPU such as the Intel Core i5-10600K which isn't bad at all, but does show what a few years can do in terms of progress.

Still, with a slow discontinuation, it's also not like you have to rush out and buy an 8th generation CPU if you're in need of one. You have a fair while to organise yourself. Expect to see the processor hanging around for a while and potentially even discounted while retailers clear existing stock. 

If you want to plan particularly ahead with ageing technology, consider this a warning that 9th generation processors will almost certainly follow in Coffee Lake's footsteps this time next year. 

In related news, Intel has also stopped selling the Core i9-9900K and Core i9-9900KS in the special dodecahedron packaging. That's news that won't bother many people given who actually keeps packaging? But if you're a keen collector, this might be the time to consider how you can track down the original looking box. 

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