Intel won't rule out re-negotiation with Nvidia

Written by Tim Smalley

February 18, 2009 | 17:51

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Intel said this afternoon that if it was to win the suit it filed against Nvidia, it would consider re-negotiating the agreements it has with its rival.

"I wouldn't rule out a re-negotiation if we win the suit," said Intel spokesperson Chuck Mulloy in a telephone interview. "There are options available to us and re-negotiating the license is one of them."

But because one of Intel's allegations is that Nvidia has falsely claimed that it has a QPI license, would Intel punish Nvidia by terminating the whole agreement if it prevailed in this case? "The other options we have are confidential at this time and we're not willing to discuss them," explained Mulloy.

At the same time though, he was also keen to make it clear that Intel wasn't suing Nvidia. Intel is not seeking damages and is merely asking Nvidia to pay its legal fees should Intel win - a standard practice in court cases.

We're trying to get hold of a copy of the suit, but Mulloy explained that the current filing was filed under seal because it contains parts of the agreement the two companies signed. According to Mulloy, the agreement contains confidential information that it doesn't want disclosed, but it is working to publish a redacted version of the suit.

The question remains though, if Intel was to publish a redacted version of the suit, how much of the information would actually enhance what we already know? We're sure that a lot of the information that might affect the outcome of this suit will not be disclosed because it's a part of the agreement the two companies signed in 2004. It's left to the courts to decide, but disappointingly it looks like we may not know the full reasons for the outcome whichever way it goes.

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