MSI announces CPU Guard 1151 Skylake shim

December 17, 2015 | 12:01

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MSI has announced the impending release of a shim designed to prevent Skylake processors from bending under the weight or pressure of higher-end cooling systems: the CPU Guard 1151.

While Intel's latest processor revision brings many welcome new features, one change in particular is causing Skylake users some heartache: a thinner base which, if subjected to enough shock or pressure, can bend or crack where earlier models would have survived. Earlier this month cooler maker Scythe was the first to confirm the issue, releasing replacement screws for some of its cooler models to help prevent damage while claiming that such damage was only likely if the machine was moved incautiously with the cooler attached.

Now, MSI has something for those who are still concerned about the problem: a shim which helps take the pressure off the CPU base in order to prevent bending or cracking. Dubbed the MSI CPU Guard 1151 the unit installs between the CPU and the cooler of any Socket 1151 processor to relieve the pressure without, MSI claims, reducing the performance of said cooler. The company is also positioning the part as perfect for those who have de-lidded their chip, removing the integrated heatspreader to achieve better thermal transfer, in order to prevent die crushing.

MSI has not yet announced pricing and availability for the CPU Guard 1151, with scant more information available on the official website.
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