Zen 3 architecture may be delayed until next year

Written by Jennifer Allen

June 16, 2020 | 15:00

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Typically reputable source for rumours, Digitimes, has caught wind that AMD will be delaying the launch of its Zen 3 architecture until 2021.

The firm was expected to launch the Zen 3 architecture-based Ryzen 4000 CPU series later this year, but now it's sounding likely that such a release could be pushed back to early 2021. The reason? Supposedly, lack of competition from Intel although AMD didn't quite use those exact words. Also, with the Ryzen 3000 CPU series performing so well, there's simply no need to move onto the next stage. 

The Ryzen 4000 series of processors was expected to utilise an enhanced 7nm manufacturing process node with a revamped Zen 4 architecture that effectively meant it was more efficient with power usage as well as far more powerful than the current 3000 series. So far, so very much what we want from new architecture, right? 

However, it looks like we may have to wait a bit longer. In fact, courtesy of the DigiTimes report and a translation by Twitter user, @chiakohua, AMD could even be skipping the 7nm process and moving straight to 5nm although that sounds unlikely. Crucially, AMD may well have the time to do this. The report (and translation) explains that "if Intel does not have any secret weapons during the intervening one-and-a-half years, its desktop market share may touch new lows, and AMD can be expected to hit the 30% mark in one fell swoop.” That's cocky talk and clearly off-the-record type discussion but AMD has a point if that's what was said. 

AMD continues to be performing well with products like B550 and A520 motherboards yet to be launched but sure to make things even stronger for the firm. By waiting, it can solidify its position without having to keep running at full pelt. It could also leave announcements for CES 2021 and at a time when (hopefully) the global economy is performing better and the world has returned more to normal than it is right now.

For now, it's worth taking such rumours with a pinch of salt, and we suspect the level of arrogance in the full translation is unlikely (you can read it here) but the idea of a modest delay sounds about right given the current state of affairs and the fact AMD is simply doing pretty well without. 

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