Dell: show us the Apple love

Written by Wil Harris

June 17, 2005 | 08:24

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Dell executive, er, Dell, has said that he would love the chance to build computers based on Apple's OSX, following the Cupertino firm's fruit-tastic move to x86 architecture.

Talking to Fortune magazine (and with further details at el Reg) he's said that if Apple was to offer other PC makers the chance to stick its operating system on their machines, he'd jump at the chance.

Of course, the chances of that happening are about the same as the chances of Jessica Alba turning up on my doorstep in that cowgirl outfit, but I guess me and Mikey Dell gotta have a dream, huh?

Apple doesn't want other PC makers to have its OS because then other PC makers could undercut Apple's own hardware, thus causing Apple to lose money - money which wouldn't really be made up in extra OS sales. It would also rather kill the Apple brand by allowing anyone and everyone a piece of the action.

For the forseeable future, OSX might be on x86, but its on Apple's x86, not anyone elses.

Additionally, there is the matter of the Apple - Intel - Microsoft - Dell politics that has underscored Apple's transition. Intel has spent a lot of time and money helping Dell to build itself into the biggest PC making in the known universe - exclusively using Intel chips. However, Intel now feels, according to some quarters, that Dell has gotten a bit big for its ATX chassis', and wants too much in return for too little. Intel's response - working with Apple to cut Dell down to size a little. Intel is also annoyed, so the rumours go, at Microsoft - for Redmond's high profile work with AMD on Windows 64. Intel's response - working with Apple to cut Microsoft down to size a little.

Politics. Doncha just love it?

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