Dell's next generation desktop PC

Written by Brett Thomas

July 7, 2006 | 16:10

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It appears that Dell might be adding a new case design to its lineup. Designed by Matthew Ritter, of Alienware fame, the case is definitely on the unusual side. Dell has taken quite a few steps outside of the 'beige box' approach in the past couple product generations, but this is a bit of an outlier.

The new series is going to be dubbed the XCS, though the specifics of hardware are currently unknown. It is speculated to be an Intel/ATI lineup, which would be in line with some of the Computex cross-marketing between the two companies with the upcoming Core 2 Duo release.

The case itself is tubular in nature, and seems to use peripherals much like cartridges. What you see in the bottom right hand corner are said to be hard drives. With such a design, one has to wonder about the possibility of hot-swappable drives, or maybe even other peripherals.

Not much else can be said about this, err, creation at present time, and it has not been confirmed by Dell.

We've attached a large picture of the concept design below for your viewing pleasure - thanks to Nexxo for the tip. Share your thoughts in the forums.

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