DFI shows media boards for 06

Written by Wil Harris

January 9, 2006 | 20:59

Tags: #infinity #rd580

Companies: #ati #dfi

DFI invited us to go and check out their latest products while we were in Vegas, and we duly obliged. We saw one product that we can't talk to you about yet (although think of the letters R and D, then a number that is 100 higher than 480). The board itself was fully featured, as you'd expect. However, what we can show you are a couple of the new media-centric boards that DFI is going to be selling through 2006.

With the growth of Media Center and the new Viiv scheme, Micro-ATX boards with decent media capability are expected to be in high demand this year. The 915GM-MIGF is a Pentium M board, with Intel integrated graphics running on the 915GM chipset.

We also took a look at the GF6100 ML and the RS482 Infinity. The former is a board with Nvidia graphics onboard and support for Socket 754, making for a very good budget board. The latter is a Socket 939 board with a X300 integrated graphics chip. The ATI board also features a DVI-out onboard for connection to a swanky flat panel.

Both of these looked like pretty neat solutions for media enthusiasts, and DFI are going to have more and more boards for this sector of the market, and are keen to leverage their expertise in overclocking to get the most performance possible. There are also plans for Yonah compatible versions of the Intel boards, meaning that a dual-core, low-power desktop will be a reality.

We're looking forward to taking a look at these boards over the next couple of months - in the meantime, why not let us know if you'd be interested in an overclocking media-centric board? Drop by the forums!
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