DFI nF4 SLI-DR Expert Pictured

Written by Tim Smalley

October 3, 2005 | 23:45

Tags: #lanparty #nf4 #nforce-4 #sli-dr

Companies: #amd #dfi #nvidia

DFI's new, improved and updated SLI motherboard was announced by DFI last week on their home page. Somehow, we managed to miss this announcement but one of our forum members has managed to grab a picture of the board.

DFI claim that the board is a suped-up version of the LANParty nForce4 SLI motherboards that they released earlier in the year. The top end board; the nF4 SLI-DR won bit-tech's excellence award back in May. It features lots of improvements including a new, rather radical layout.

DFI state that "This new layout allows for greater performance of the VGA cards. To facilitate the overclocking process, a convenient PCI-e configuration setting is incorporated in the BIOS of the LANParty UT nForce4 SLI-DR Expert to enable easy switching between SLI and non-SLI mode."

You can read more of what DFI had to say about the board in their press release here.

We'll leave you with a picture:

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