EVGA announces warranty overhaul

March 29, 2012 | 11:03

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Hardware maker EVGA is due to announce a revision for its warranties, which sees a raft of improvements made for customers throughout the world according to an early summary spotted by BSN.

Designed as an overhaul for the company's current limited-lifetime warranty, the biggest change is the transferability of the warranty: regardless of how many previous owners your graphics card or motherboard had, it's now fully covered just as if you were the original owner.

Additionally, the changes see all products purchased on or after the 1st of July 2011 receive a minimum of three-year warranty regardless of whether or not the products were registered with EVGA at the time of purchase. Before you get too excited, though: products sold with a one-year warranty or a 90-day recertified warranty are excluded from the upgrade.

EVGA is also to change its returns material authorisation (RMA) process, allowing customers to return faulty goods even without registration. Additionally, a cross-shipping service will be introduced whereby a replacement part will be provided to the customer before the faulty version is received providing a credit card is given as collateral.

Despite removing the negative implications of not registering a new product within 30 days of purchase, EVGA is hoping to convince customers to continue by offering incentives including eligibility towards the Step-Up Programme trade-in scheme and extended warranty offers.

Finally, EVGA has confirmed that warranties are now truly world-wide: if a product is taken from its country of origin - because you move elsewhere in the world, perhaps, and take your rig with you - it will be valid for RMA to a local warranty centre.

Full details of the warranty changes are due to appear on the EVGA website early next month, including the date from which the new rules will apply.
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