eVGA 7800 GTX green beast

Written by Wil Harris

July 19, 2005 | 16:05

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HardOCP.com has images of the new GeForce 7800 cooler from American firm eVGA.

The cooler appears to be a full-body design, not unlike the design we saw from Pixelview's 5700 a couple of years ago.

As Kyle points out in a news post on the topic, eVGA's silencing systems haven't exactly been renowned for their efficiency or value for money in the past, so we hope this one is a little different.

However, with the 7800GTX being an incredibly quiet card, we're not entirely sure why eVGA need another cooler anyway?

The only feasible reason is if they want to overclock the chips. But we've seen XFX getting clock speeds of 490MHz out of their cards, using
just the stock cooler.

Kyle has an interesting point of view on eVGA as a whole, who he claims have been less than friendly over the past few years. Anybody with even a schoolboy understanding of Public Relations would suggest that pissing off the Editor of one of the biggest tech publications in the world isn't the cleverest idea. Just ask NVIDIA.

So head on over and check out the pic, and decide for yourselves whether or not you think the cooler is justified.

Oh, and give us a few days and we'll have that 490MHz 7800 GTX on our test bench. It's going to be gooood...

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