Ex-Evesham employees throw lifeline to customers

Written by Tim Smalley

December 10, 2008 | 08:07

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Tewktech, a group of dedicated ex-Evesham employees, has revealed its intentions to throw Evesham Technology's many abandoned customers a lifeline by offering "top quality service" to owners of Evesham products.

Robin Daunter, Managing Director of Tewktech, said: "We believe we are best-placed to offer Evesham customers a solution to any problem they may experience as we are all fully-trained in Evesham products. We have maintained excellent relationships with suppliers since Evesham’s closure and can source a full range of spares."

This service will, of course, be a charge for Tewktech's services. On-site charges (within a ten mile radius of the company's Tewksbury facility) start at £40 plus VAT per hour, while return-to-base costs will start at £30 per hour, plus parts.

Daunter said that "We will use the best priced source we can find and finally include a cost of postage back to the customer. We can send a quote based on what we think will cost if the customer requires this, if a fault is more expensive than the customer expected we will diagnose give the customer a quote if we believe it is an economical repair if not economical we will inform the customer."

He added that there will undoubtedly be some cases where things may have to be handled slightly differently, before saying that "our single minded thought is to give good service and be honest to our customers."

"We can fix one-off problems for a modest fee or offer an annual service contract, whichever suits the customer best," Daunter explained. "Tewktech is crewed by highly-professional staff who understand the frustration when technology goes wrong. They will look after you and do their utmost to provide a fix-first-time service. Reliability and trust are of paramount importance to us."

Matt Habershon, Technical Director at Tewktech, pointed out that the company endeavours to give "free email support to any Evesham customer, regardless of the age of the product. If a remote fix proves impossible, we will collect your machine and repair it at our Tewkesbury facility."

Following the collapse of Evesham Technology in 2007, the company's customers held worthless warranties because the Evesham brand had been sold for a nominal amount to a new company, Geemore Technology Ltd, founded by former Evesham Chairman Richard Austin and PCC Technology, a Dubai-based investment company owned by Time UK founder Tahir Mohsan.

While all of this was going on, Tahir Mohsan, started to push his other properties - like warranties and support from Total Care and Support (which has links to Time UK) - onto ex-Evesham customers as he was clearing the company of its assets before divesting. The Evesham brand was put up for sale by Mohsan in February 2008, but after no deal was agreed with a potential buyer the company closed its doors at the end of March 2008.

According to Tewktech, many customers don't know that Evesham Technology has closed its doors and that their warranty is invalid because - even to this day - the company's website is still operational but it's not clear what happens to any orders placed. Daunter says that his goal with Tewktech is to reach out to every customer and reassure them that there is a helping hand when they need it.

Personally, I think it's great that a group of ex-Evesham employees has taken it upon themselves to look after their customers long after the company they worked for collapsed. Let's hope that word gets around - if you know anyone who purchased anything from Evesham before its closure, point them over to Tewktech's website for more information.

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