Foxconn revamps its look, works with AMD

June 9, 2008 | 08:36

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When AMD launched the 790FX chipset as part of the spider platform late last year, the one thing it lacked was a decent southbridge. The SB600 was long in the tooth and supported only a fraction of the features competing chipsets were including. The SB700 launched and got paired with the 780G IGP and, despite it being pin-compatible with the SB600, no one replaced it on their 790FX boards to give better features.

Thing's are about to change for AMD's flagship northbridge as Foxconn told bit-tech today that it had been working closely with AMD to relaunch the 790FX with the new SB750 which is meant to offer not only better features but better overclocking results when combined with an improved AMD OverDrive software due to launch soon. Combined with the HD 4000 series - could we finally see a really compelling Spider platform that provides some good competition?

For the longest time Foxconn hasn't really hit the right notes with it's motherboards - then it started making the Quantum Force range and things started to turn around (we're only seeing the real, juicy fruit of that now) but the mainstream digital life boards reeked of mediocre-ness.

Thankfully, it seems that despite being the huuuuuge company Foxconn is, it's listened to the little guys and reimagined the boards into a black and orange colour scheme.

Foxconn is also considering bundling a front panel 5.25" control and remote that is Media Center capable with some of revised Digital Life boards, like the HD capable Intel G45 chipset which would make a perfect combination. However we've yet to hear what kind of extra cost this will entail.

Does Foxconn seem like it's heading in the right direction? Let us know your thoughts, in the forums.

Foxconn revamps its look, works with AMD Foxconn revamps its look, works with AMD
Foxconn revamps its look, works with AMD Foxconn revamps its look, works with AMD

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