Foxconn displays digital PWM tech

Written by Tim Smalley

March 10, 2006 | 23:44

Tags: #cpu #digital #mosfet #pwm #regulation #voltage

Companies: #cebit #foxconn

CeBIT 2006: We saw an interesting new implementation on a couple of Foxconn motherboards today. They've managed to re-work the circuitry that regulates the voltage supplied to the CPU.

Rather than the standard capacitors and PWM mosfets, Foxconn has implemented a digital ASIC and a number of SMD components. This means that the space around the CPU socket is improved, because there are no capacitors likely to impede with some of the larger heatsinks available on the market.

That's not all though, Foxconn claim that their PWM design improves the cooling properties of the motherboard. In fact, their digital PWM should also improve the stability of the voltage supply to the processor, meaning that there should be improvements in vCore stability when overclocking.

There are some smaller PWMs that are cooled by a very small heatsink, but overall the area seems to run cooler and without obstruction from the large capacitors that can often hinder larger heatsink installations.

This technology will eventually be rolled out over most of Foxconn's range, and most definitely the range of boards that will be targeted at enthusiasts.

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