Foxconn launches P35-based mobos

Written by Tim Smalley

May 16, 2007 | 12:46

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Foxconn has today announced its first Bearlake motherboards aimed at the mainstream and performance market.

Bearlake isn't due to launch until next week, so we can't bring too many details at the moment. However, Foxconn has told us that it has released two boards based on the P35 chipset.

Both the P35A-S and P35A support front side bus speeds up to 1333MHz and also Intel's upcoming 45nm Penryn family of processors on top of support for Intel's current line of Core 2 processors.

Foxconn has removed a feature called chipset overspeed protection on both of the boards, which the company says enables better tuning capabilities. In addition, Foxconn has designed the boards with three key themes in mind: reliability, usability and connectivity. With this in mind, there are some features specifically focused around these themes.

The boards feature 100% solid aluminium capacitors, which are said to improve stability and durability. There are also on-board reset and power push switches for those that prefer to run the board bare on the desk. Probably the most interesting thing mentioned in the news release was the fact that the board supports both CrossFire and what Foxconn is calling Multi-Graphics. Curiously though, there's a "Graphics By Nvidia" logo that implies an unofficial SLI implementation.

Finally, Foxconn says that the boards will be available to the mass market on June 4th - the day before this year's Computex trade show starts.

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