GeForce 7800 to be in stock next week

Written by Wil Harris

June 16, 2005 | 10:04

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Reports are starting to filter in that suggest the Nvidia 7800, aside from launching next week, might actually be available to buy next week, too.

If true, this would be the first major graphics card launch in quite a while that hasn't been a 'paper launch'. If this is the case, then a big thumbs up to Nvidia for not being annoying nobbers and making us wait.

The INQ is reporting that major retailers in larger territories are gearing up for the launch. have a very cryptic advert up suggesting that they will have stock next week, and we'd be flabbergasted if didn't have them from the off.

The INQ also suggest that Nvidia have a new graphics babe, replacing Dawn and Nalu. She's called Luna, and she looks a bit mank if you ask us. You can see her pic here.

We're pretty sure that Nvidia are going to tell us next week that now we can have real cinematic rendering, unparalleled speed and performance, amazing image quality, etc etc etc. Sidestepping the spin, the real test will be how it performs in SLI in something outrageously demanding, like the almost-here-but-not-quite F.E.A.R.. Rest assured that you'll know as soon as we do, and that might just be 22 June.

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