Intel's Pat Gelsinger interviewed

Written by Wil Harris

May 6, 2005 | 15:54

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There is a fascinating interview with Intel man Pat Gelsinger over at <i>Toms Hardware</i>.

In the interview, Gelsinger - who has previously been Chief Technology Officer at Intel, and is now heading up the Digital Enterprise group - covers a wide variety of fairly controversial topics.

Covering the much talked-about Cell processor, the IBM chip due to power the PlayStation 3, he says that he thinks that &quot;Cell will be very successful as the PlayStation 3 platform, but not as a general purpose architecture... The same arguments that were described five years ago about the Emotion engine now hold for the Cell.&quot;

For those with short memories, the PS2 Emotion engine was, well, just a little over-hyped.

He said that working with Intel's top man, Andy Grove, was like &quot;A root canal without novocaine. I can count eight compliments over my career that I have gotten from Andy.&quot; However, Gelsinger says that Grove was a &quot;mentor&quot;, and that he is trying to work with low-level Intel engineers to foster a similar kind of relationship, where bright sparks can rise up the ladder to become key players - just as Gelsinger himself did when he started as one of the lowest-of-the-low engineers when he was 18.

He also mentions his ambition: to be the top man at Intel, saying he believes there is a lot of work still to be done. &quot;My job is to put our technology into every human on the planet, every walk of life, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. If you take that definition of the total available market, we are about five percent of the way there.&quot;

Intel chips in people? Gives Intel Inside a whole new spin.

Check out the full article - it is worth a read if you find the inner machinations of Intel interesting.
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