Gigabyte to take on Razer?

March 17, 2008 | 16:21

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Taiwanese news outlet, Digitimes, has tapped sources within Gigabyte HQ that claim the company has designed its own high-end gaming peripherals like keyboards and mice to take on the likes of Razer.

Gigabyte is quoted as stating that the company will focus on brand awareness first of all, however we suggest that getting it right first time will make the biggest impact but is the hardest thing of all to achieve, especially if it plans to take on the behemoth that is Razer.

The first in house developed keyboard called the GK-K8000 (we don’t know if this is an internal name or a final product name) will be available as soon as late March – so in just a few weeks and should launch at ‘US$113’, or just below what Razer offers.

While we understand Gigabyte is a large company with plenty of resources and channel experience, we don’t expect it to make quite the impact – Razer has a massive fan base and significant investments in the core gaming industry, it’ll be very hard to sway people. Coupled into the fact that Gigabyte is undercutting Razer and it may just been interpreted like a poor-man's product.

We are keen to see what the final version is like though – if the build quality is up to taking the punishment of keyboard hand-smacks from frustrated gamers and whether the features Gigabyte includes are an asset to the experience.

Are you interested in a new keyboard? Do “gaming” keyboards work for you? And does the Gigabyte brand carry as much weight as Razerr? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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