AMD R7 265 is new $149 champion

Written by Edward Chester

February 13, 2014 | 13:28

Tags: #radeon

Companies: #amd

AMD has announced what it hopes will be the new top-choice graphics card for under $150 (109 EUR + VAT), the AMD Radeon R7 265.

The card is based on a cut-down version of the same chip that powers the R9 270X but with 18 rather than 20 compute units. This results in a drop from 1,280 shaders and 80 texture units to 1,024 and 64 texture units, while the existing R7 260X has 896 and 56 respectively.

Clock speeds have also been reduced with the R7 265 running at 925MHz compared to 1,050MHz for the R9 270X. The R7 260X does run faster, at 1,100MHz, but with the reduced core count and half the memory bas width overall performance should still be much lower.

Because the card is based on the Pitcairn GPU of the R9 270X, which itself was recycled from the HD 7850, it doesn't feature the latest AMD technologies, TrueAudio and XDMA. In real world applications today and for the foreseeable feature this shouldn't be too big a problem but it definitely marks this card out as a stop-gap measure.

Initial reviews of the card have shown that it does live up to its claimed high performance/price ratio. However, the R7 265 won't be available for a couple of weeks so there's plenty of time for Nvidia to respond by reducing its prices.
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