AMD scores big in notebook graphics

November 3, 2010 | 15:52

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AMD has scored a major win over the green camp, with market watcher Mercury Research announcing that the company's chips now account for almost 62 percent of the discrete laptop graphics market.

According to figures released as part of Mercury Research's PC Graphics Market Share Update for the quarter just gone, AMD's share of the discrete laptop graphics market - counting only those laptops that have a dedicated GPU, rather than graphics integrated into the CPU or chipset - has increased 5.6 share points since the last quarter.

It's a major win for the company, as it lengthens what was becoming a tight lead over rival Nvidia and scores 61.9 percent of the discrete laptop graphics market for its very own.

Matt Skynner, vice president of AMD's GPU division, claimed that the results provide that 'AMD is the clear leader in DirectX 11 graphics technology, with more than 25 million DirectX 110capable units shipped to date, and the Mercury Research results are indicative of our continued focus on delivery compelling graphics technology to both notebook and desktop markets.'

While the market for dedicated laptop graphics is undeniably lucrative, the real battleground between the companies is in the desktop sector. Skynner, however, is confident for a major win in Q4 there, too: 'with the successful launch of the award winning AMD Radeon HD 6800 series graphics cards, shipping in volume on the day of launch, AMD is in a very strong position moving into the last quarter of 2010.'

One thing seems certain, however: Nvidia is not going to cede this battle just yet.

Are you pleased to see that AMD is more than holding its own in the laptop battleground, or do you think that Nvidia's portable GPUs have the edge over the red camp regardless of market share? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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