AMD squares up to Core i7 Sandy Bridge

Written by Antony Leather

March 14, 2011 | 15:29

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A leaked document, purportedly created by AMD, has revealed that the company is planning to pitch its forthcoming Bulldozer CPUs directly against Intel's Sandy Bridge chips.

According to the roadmap, posted at X-bit labs, AMD's eight-core FX-81x0 CPUs will be spoiling for a fight with Intel's Core i7-26xx-series chips, for example - a tall order given the Core i7-2600K's power-efficiency and ludicrous overclocking headroom.

AMD has apparently listed 'more cores' and 'overclocked' as the key advantages that its high-end Bulldozer CPUs will have over their Intel rivals.

Similarly, lower down the price range, AMD's 3xxx-series dual and quad-core CPUs tout more cores than their Intel equivalents, as well as dual graphics and support for OpenCL and GPU computing. Again, AMD looks as though it's hoping that these features will give the chips the edge over Intel's Core i3-21xx-series CPUs.

Meanwhile, to compete with Intel's budget-end Pentium and Celeron line-ups, AMD is once again focusing on price, efficiency and performance - areas where it has been gaining ground recently.

Are you looking forward to AMD's Bulldozer CPUs? Do you think this will be AMD's return to form, or will AMD find it hard to compete against Intel's latest and greatest chips? Let us know in the forums.
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