Asus shows off dual Nvidia Fermi card

July 16, 2010 | 18:10

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We've got our hands on leaked pics of Asus' upcoming dual GPU card and it's a monster. Asus previously told us during our recent Ares interview that if it was to do a dual Nvidia Fermi card, it would be looking to use GF100s (ie the full fat chip found in the GTX 480), not the lower power GF104 which was the basis of the recent GTX 460.

Each of the two GeForce GTX 480 GPUs (GF100-375-A3) on this massive Asus card have 480 stream processors, and are connected to 1,536 MB of GDDR5 memory across a 384-bit wide memory interface.Nvidia's NF200 (A3 version) chip is also used.

Powering each core are four chunky power phases, with one driver, two chokes and six MOSFETs per phase, with one equally sized phase for the memory too. The card appears to be 30cm in length if we extrapolate from the fact that about half the card is 15cm. It requires three 8-pin PCI-E power connectors.

Next to these is a circular gizmo - we're guessing it's something RoG specific - maybe an OC or overvolt tool. Republic of Gamer hardware often débuts with a new or revised performance feature.

There is no indication of the cooling yet as we've only managed to obtain PCB shots, however given a normal GeForce GTX 480 is hot, expect the apparatus involved to be considerable. Given that there's only one fan connector and that if we assume Asus will use the knowledge gained from its Ares card - which promoted the use of a single, large fan, maybe Asus will try a variation on this method again.

Asus even expects two in a case for quad SLI, or at least maybe paired with a third GTX 480 with the SLI connector in the top corner.

Hopefully Nvidia will be happy one of its partners is chancing such a ludicrously powerful card - but then that's not always been the case with these kind of products. Last year at Computex when Asus showed off its original Mars with dual GTX 285s - one upping Nvidia's own GTX 295 in the process - we were told a top Nvidian was so livid with Asus that he stormed onto the booth telling them to pull the card from show! If Nvidia is making a dual GF104 card, then we wonder how Asus one upping them once again will go down...

Asus shows off dual Nvidia Fermi card

Asus shows off dual Nvidia Fermi card

Asus shows off dual Nvidia Fermi card
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