EVGA launches 'Untouchables' EPower V VRM card

September 19, 2017 | 11:40

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EVGA has announced a new standalone voltage regulator module (VRM) board, the 'Untouchables' EPower V, which allows overclockers to control voltage on-the-fly without the need to reboot the system.

Powered by three six-pin PCI Express power connectors and featuring a 12+2 phase design, EVGA claims the EPower V card can provide significantly more core and memory (VCORE and VMEM respectively) voltage to connected graphics cards than connection to a power supply directly. In actual numbers, this translates to an adjustable VMEM range of 600mV to 2.3V with an 80A rated capacity and a maximum peak capacity of 90A at a 1.9V output (171W) and an adjustable VCORE range of 600mV to 2V with a 600A rated capacity and peak capacity of 620A at a 1.85V output (1,147W). Together, EVGA claims, these will allow overclockers to push cards beyond 'any limits holding it back' - providing, of course, those limits relate to a lack of oomph in VCORE and VMEM.

A major feature of the EPower V, though, is in the way it can be controlled on-the-fly. Both VCORE and VMEM can be adjusted using an integrated EVBot MKII controller and physical buttons - with feedback provided through a real-time LCD readout - or via software using a USB 3.1 Type C port. Additional physical controls, in the form of DIP switches, are provided to configure voltage droop (VDROOP) remote sensing, voltage forcing, and voltage offsets. The boards also include EVGA's ProbeIT connects for connection to a multimeter and two 12V fan headers.

More information is available on the official product page, where EVGA has set a €269.99 European retail price (around £240 inc. VAT).

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