GPUStrongarm universal support hits Kickstarter

May 9, 2016 | 10:06

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Manchester-based James Smart has taken to Kickstarter to fund production of laser-cut support brackets claimed to be compatible with any case and any model of graphics card.

'For many years we as gamers have tried different GPU support systems. Some work some don't,' claimed Smart, a 26-year-old engineer based in Manchester. 'Currently they either take up extra slots in your case, meaning no SLI/Crossfire support. Or alternatively you have a bar running through the middle of your case - not great with a window.'

Smart's solution is a laser-cut aluminium support bar dubbed the GPUStrongarm which, he claims, takes up no additional room beyond the existing graphics card, does not block any other expansion slots, and is compatible with any graphics card installed in any case. Available in a variety of colours, the GPUStrongarm is priced at £20 for a plain model or £30 for a custom-coloured and engraved version. Backers are given a choice of 15cm or 30cm lengths, to accommodate different sizes of graphics cards.

Smart has already entered into a manufacturing agreement with a company to produce the bars, and has prototypes in-hand to prove the concept. Each is to be provided in a custom wooden box with case screws and an Allen key, all protected in closed-cell foam.

The GPUStrongarm campaign is live now, with 16 days to go to hit its £6,000 goal of which just shy of £700 has been raised so far.
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