GTX 465 leaked to customers

May 24, 2010 | 11:40

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Nvidia's up-coming GeForce GTX 465 might not be getting an official launch until Computex, but it looks like some customers are getting their hands on the cards early - albeit instead of the cards they actually ordered.

According to a report over on Softpedia, at least one buyer received his eagerly-awaited Galaxy GTX 470 graphics card and ran into some troubles installing the included drivers - resolved only by forcing the drivers to install by modifying the device identifier in the .INF driver file.

The issue appears to have been caused by the card identifying itself not as a GTX 470 as expected, but instead as the unreleased GTX 465 - for which no drivers are yet available.

The reasons for this aren't yet known, but the most likely explanation given that the card's outward appearance matched exactly that of the GTX 470 ordered is that an incorrect BIOS was flashed onto the card at the factory - one designed for use on the GTX 465 series.

If true, this provides a glimpse into the design of the GTX 465: in all likelihood, it's simply a GTX 470 with some of its stream processors disabled and represents more of a revision of the series than a new card in its own right.

The full thread detailing the buyer's troubles with drivers and subsequent discovery of the GTX 465 BIOS - along with commentary by other forum users - can be found over on the forums.

Are you surprised to see that the GTX 465 is a 470 with some features disabled, or do you think there is more to this story than simply the leaking of a pre-release GTX 465 BIOS on the wrong hardware? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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