MSI launches N460GTX Hawk "Talon Attack"

October 4, 2010 | 13:44

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MSI has announced an update for its Nvdia GTX460-based N460GTX Hawk which pushes the card even further, swapping in lower-latency RAM chips for improved performance.

Dubbed the MSI N460GTX Hawk "Talon Attack" - no, really - the updated board retains the features and layout of the original but replaces the RAM with low-latency 0.4ns modules, allowing MSI to increase the factory-default overclock.

The Nvidia Fermi GPU on the card now runs at 810MHz, while the memory clock is boosted to 3900MHz and the shaders clocked at an impressive 1620MHz. It's still a GTX460 under the hood, of course, and won't be giving a GTX480 or GTX485 anything to worry about, but more speed is always a good thing in the world of 3D acceleration.

Extra speed means extra heat, of course. To counteract that, MSI has fitted the card with a Twin FrozR II twin-fan heatpipe-based cooler, which is rather a beast, so make sure you have room in your case before you put down any money on its latest card.

Aside from the increased overclock and new low-latency memory, the remainder of the card's specifications remain the same as its predecessor: there's 1GB of GDDR5 memory, 336 shaders, and a pair of dual-link DVI connectors plus a mini-HDMI connector hook the card up to your displays.

Sadly, MSI is keeping quiet on the pricing, but given the new RAM modules and the overclocker-friendly features such as super ferrite chokes and individual voltage controls for GPU, memory and PLL, you can expect to be paying a premium for this puppy.

Do you think that MSI has a winner on its hands here, or should it be concentrating on releasing the fastest 480GTX-based card around rather than tweaking the lower-range GTX460 chipsets? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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