MSI solves Nvidia GTX 200 squealing problem

May 29, 2009 | 07:35

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COMPUTEX 2009: Personally I just want to say, hurrah for MSI because it's a shame Nvidia didn't learn how to stop its GTX 200-series from making the coils inside a PSU squeal like a baby powered from a 230V source sooner.

After reporting the problem to Nvidia, we were greeted with denial - it was unable to replicate the problem - until we sent readouts from an oscilloscope, displaying the interference shooting back up the PCIe power connectors into the PSU.

MSI has solved the issue by researching and sourcing different chokes as part of its customised PCB power design for its Lightening series of graphics cards.

With a ten power phase design (up from six) on this GTX 275, the yellow chokes are not environmentally sealed copper coiled over ferrite cores - the whole thing is ferrite with the coil firmly sealed inside. For the size, this also increases the power density, affording better performance claimed MSI.

The disadvantage is that, if you already own a GTX 200-series graphics card and want to get rid of the annoying squealing, you'll have to buy a new card. If you haven't already bought a GTX 200-series card then you might want to hold off, but it's worth noting that the MSI Lightening GTX 260/275 series won't be that price competitive since it has a large bundle of unique features.

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MSI solves Nvidia GTX 200 squealing problem MSI solves the Nvidia GTX squeeling problem

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