MSI offers cashback for buyers of VGA and mobo combos

February 16, 2015 | 23:10

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MSI has begun a cashback promotion, in which it will offer up to £36 cashback for anyone who buys both an MSI motherboard and graphics card together.

The European promotion is valid when both an MSI motherboard and VGA product are purchased at the same time. Eligible products that can be combined include numerous current generation Intel motherboards as well as both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. Products must be purchased before March 13th for buyers to be able to take advantage of the cashback.

For both product types there are three cashback categories – £18, £12.50 and £6 in the UK. You can mix and match them, with the total available cashback simply a sum of the two categories from which you've purchased. £18 is only offered for X99 motherboards and flagship single GPU graphics cards. £12.50 is for mid-range and high-end Z97 motherboards as well as the GTX 970, R9 285, R9 280X and R9 290, while £6 is reserved for low-end Z97 products and H97 ones, as well as remaining R9 series cards, the GTX 750 Ti and the GTX 960. Not all SKUs sold by MSI are valid; see below for the full list and divisions. Overclockers UK also has a good summary of the main terms and conditions on the promotion's landing page.

MSI offers cashback for buyers of VGA and mobo combos

Claims must be submitted at least 30 days after purchase but before 60 days has expired (for the UK), using the form on the official website, where you'll also find all the fine print details. Naturally, valid proof of purchase from a participating retailer is required. In the UK, these retailers include:As mentioned, this is a European promotion, valid only in the following 20 countries: UK, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Austria, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

MSI is no stranger to cashback promotions. In early 2014 it offered cashback for the Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard to mark the Z97 launch, before later running a promotion with Intel in the run up to Christmas.
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