Nvidia announces GeForce GT 540M

December 7, 2010 | 17:36

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Nvidia has announced the imminent availability of the GeForce GT 540M laptop GPU, the first GeForce 500-series chip to hit the mobile market.

Not wishing to concede the lucrative laptop market to rival AMD, which launched its own Radeon HD 6500M and 6300M GPUs earlier this month, Nvidia has officially unveiled the GeForce GT 540M GPU, built on a 40nm process.

Featuring 96 CUDA cores, the graphics core is clocked at 672MHz and the processor at 1344MHz, while the memory clock is rated at 'up to' 900MHz on a 128-bit bus with support for up to 1.5GB of dedicated GDDR5 or SDDR3.

The GeForce GT 540M also includes full DirectX 11 support along with Nvidia's Optimus graphics-switching technology, CUDA GPU offload support, 3DVision and 3DTV Play, PhysX, and uses the company's 'Verde' driver package for OEM-agnostic updates.

Sadly, as the specifications suggest, the GeForce 540M is far from a revolutionary part: featuring the same specifications as the older GeForce GT 435M, Nvidia admits that it's an update of the existing GPU: 'with [the] GeForce GT 540M, we are taking an already proven architecture [the GeForce GT 435M] and using the maturity of the manufacturing process to create GPUs with higher clock settings while staying in the same power envelope.'

However, the company goes on to claim that the boost to clock speeds 'delivers a significant increase in fill-rate and memory bandwidth, which ultimately translates to better overall performance.'

The first devices to use the GeForce GT 540M will be Acer laptops launching in China this week, while worldwide availability for the parts is scheduled for January 2011.

Do you think that the GeForce GT 540M sounds like a significant upgrade over its predecessor, or do you think AMD has won this particular battle? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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