Nvidia Ships Billionth TSMC-Built GPU

January 13, 2011 | 13:01

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Nvidia today announced a milestone in its partnership with chip maker TSMC - the shipment of the billionth GeForce GPU designed by Nvidia and manufactured by TSMC.

The impressive shipment volume has been reached after the companies started working together on the production of GPUs twelve years ago, and despite some hiccups along the way, the partnership has been fruitful.

Speaking about the achievement, Nvidia's chief Jen-Hsun Huang first tooted his horn with the statement that 'since inventing the GPU more than a decade ago, Nvidia has driven innovation in these processors at a rate virtually unmatched in the technology industry.'

He also added that 'with our close partnership with TSMC, the complexity of these devices has increased more than 1,000 times, enabling enormous progress in computers ranging from handhelds and PCs to workstations and data centres.'

Morris Chang, chief executive of TSMC, was equally ebullient about the companies' partnership and their future together, stating that 'Nvidia's achievement is a prime example of how close collaboration between foundry and fabless companies can benefit the consumer electronics market, the semiconductor market segment and both companies' shareholders. Nvidia has been a model of vision and innovation, and we highly value the long-term relationship between Nvidia and TSMC.'

Ignoring the outpourings of the mutual appreciation society, it's still an impressive achievement to produce and ship over a billion dedicated GPUs in a 12-year period. However, with Intel and AMD investing heavily in integrating graphics technology into their CPUs, we could be seeing the start of the discrete GPU's decline, particularly at the low end of the wedge.

Do you think that Nvidia's achievement is an impressive feat that will continue, or will CPUs with integrated graphics take over from dedicated GPUs? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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