Nvidia still dominates graphics card market, says JPR

November 16, 2015 | 11:56

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Jon Peddie Research has released its latest shipment estimates for the add-in graphics board market, and while beleaguered AMD has made some small gains it still commands a far smaller market share than rival Nvidia.

According to JPR's latest report, the overall market for dedicated graphics cards as taken a slight hit year-on-year: compared to the same quarter last year, estimated shipments of graphics cards was down 3.9 per cent - but this is less than shipments of desktop PCs themselves, which have dropped an estimated 8.9 per cent. This, the company claims, is thanks to an increase in double-attach - the sale of two graphics cards for a single PC, as users look to squeeze more performance out of their systems as 4K displays become affordable and virtual reality (VR) looms on the horizon.

For individual companies in the market, a seasonal uptick in shipments proved good news: Nvidia's shipments increased an estimated 26.4 per cent quarter-on-quarter, while financially troubled AMD saw its own shipments boost 33.3 per cent. Sadly, despite some high-profile product launches, that wasn't enough to put AMD back on top overall - or anywhere even close: JPR estimates that AMD holds just 18.8 per cent of the market, compared to 81.1 per cent for Nvidia - a 0.8 percentage point shift for both companies respectively.

For AMD, those figures make for painful reading: it wasn't that long ago that the company fought Nvidia on level footing, with both sitting at around the 50 per cent market share point. With its rival commanding an overwhelming majority share, there will be considerable pressure on AMD to get its new 14nm parts out the door as quickly as possible to keep investors on-side as rumours circulate of an impending acquisition or potential split.
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