Nvidia fixes overheating issue

March 18, 2010 | 09:57

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An issue with fan speed control that could - in some situations - lead to overheated graphics cards has finally been resolved by Nvidia with the release of a new set of drivers.

As reported over on PC Mag, Nvidia's GeForce 196.75 driver package failed to properly control the speed of the onboard fans on certain graphics cards - with the result that, under load, the card can heat up to potentially damaging levels.

While the issue was easily fixed - by reverting back to 196.21 - many users were unaware that there was even a problem until they further investigated the cause of graphical glitches and system crashes.

Thankfully, Nvidia has finally fixed the problem properly with the release of the 197.13 GeForce driver package, which brings both the fixes and updates expected of 196.75 plus a working fan speed patch to prevent overheating issues.

Nvidia has stated that it "apologises to any GeForce owners that installed the 196.75 driver and experience quality issues," but hopes that this patch will fix things once and for all. For users who still experience issues once the latest drivers are installed - because of hardware damage caused by overheating, for example - Nvidia recommends that they "contact their [graphics card] board supplier" directly.

Are you pleased to see Nvidia fixing the issue, or does your mind boggle as to how such a major issue ever made it through testing into a driver release? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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