Nvidia GeForce GTX 465 Specs and Launch Date

May 20, 2010 | 11:18

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We've heard that Nvidia's third Fermi part, the GeForce GTX 465 will be announced on 1 June on the first day of Computex 2010.

The GeForce GTX 465 will use the same GF100 core as the GeForce GTX 470 and GeForce GTX 480, but will only use 352 stream processors: 11 out of the 16 SM blocks (or stream processor clusters, if you prefer) of the GF100 design will be active, with five sealed off. The actual clock speeds remain identical to those of the GTX 470 at 607MHz for core and 1,215MHz for the stream processors. The card will have 1GB of GDDR5, connected via a 256-bit interface, but reports of the clock speed vary depending on who we talked to.

The card uses two 6-pin PCI-E power connectors, but we've been told that the card actually uses much less power than the GTX 470, which also has two 6-pin power inputs. The GTX 465 will still be a dual slot card, and will look much like the GTX 470.

Answers to our questions about the performance of the new card ranged from an outright 'no comment' to 'hrmm hrrrr', with a wavy hand but no firm numbers. Unfortunately for Nvidia, we didn't see anyone smile, either - could graphics card manufacturers be worried, even at this early stage? We've been told that there will be news about the GeForce GTX 465 on 1 June, but despite seeing plenty of working cards, we don't know whether this will be just an announcement or actual launch of the card. Either way, there should be plenty of cards on show from many manufacturers.

In future news, the upcoming mainstream GF104, GF106 and GF108 GPUs are very tentatively titled 460, 450 and 430 respectively, though we don't know whether these cards will sport the GTX prefix or lesser GTS, GT or GTO ones. Or possibly something else entirely - this is Nvidia's naming department we're talking about. Whatever the names, these cards should be available at some time between July and August, along with laptop parts.

It's going to be a busy summer for the Nvidians, but at least they should be ready for September's GTC 2010. Are you waiting out the GeForce GTX 465? Let us know in the forums!
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