Nvidia launches 3D Vision 2

Written by Antony Leather

October 17, 2011 | 11:38

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Nvidia has launched 3D Vision 2 - an updated version of its 3D technology that it hopes will make for a better 3D gaming experience.

The new kit includes a revamped pair of active shutter glasses, which the company claims will offer improvements in several areas.

For a start, they're made of lighter, more comfortable materials. This is certainly a welcome improvement, as one of the biggest complaints we had when we got our hands on the kit was that the glasses weren't pleasant to wear for long periods.

The new specs also have 20 per cent larger lenses than the glasses that shipped with the original 3D Vision package. Combined with a wider viewing area, Nvidia claims this should provide a more immersive experience, while also reducing light bleed from outside sources.

Nvidia is also touting its 3D LightBoost technology with the launch - a feature that can be built into a 3D monitor to boost the apparent light intensity and colour richness, while also reducing ghosting.

There's no word on UK pricing yet, but Nvidia says that the 3D Vision 2 glasses kit, which includes one pair of the new glasses and a wireless USB IR emitter, will have global availability later this month, costing $149. Meanwhile, an additional set of 3D Vision 2 glasses will be available for $99.

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