Nvidia predicts 570x GPU performance boost

August 27, 2009 | 08:25

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If you're a big fan of beefy graphics cards but just wish that they were a teensy bit faster, hold on to your hats: Nvidia is predicting that GPU performance is going to increase a whopping 570-fold in the next six years.

According to TG Daily, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang made the prediction at this year's Hot Chips symposium hosted by Stanford University. During his speech, Huang claimed that while the performance of GPU silicon is heading for a monumental increase in the next six years - making it 570 times faster than the products available today - CPU technology will find itself lagging behind, increasing to a mere 3 times current performance levels.

Huang claimed that the improvements in GPU technology wouldn't be wasted on mere gaming, either: with the CUDA and OpenCL technologies allowing programmers to run general computing tasks using the graphics card's GPU, the performance boost could lead to the development of true real-time language translation technology and ever more convincing forms of augmented reality, along with the more traditional supercomputing tasks of signals analysis and energy exploration.

The improvements would also open the doors for true, real-time ray tracing - ushering in a new level of realism for games and improving the times taken to render photo-realistic CGI scenes for films.

Obviously, Huang has reason to push GPU technology as the way forward: as the CEO of a company which has no processor offerings - unlike rival AMD which offers both CPUs and GPUs after its acquisition of ATI - it's in his best interest to ensure that developers start working on OpenCL/CUDA-based GPGPU applications now in order to take advantage of the performance gap between CPU and GPUs he predicts.

Do you believe that Huang is on the money with his predictions, or is he simply talking up his company's core competency? Do you have faith that the CPU isn't going to find itself the laggard in the performance race? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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