Nvidia, Samsung settle mobile GPU patent suits

May 3, 2016 | 11:35

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Nvidia and Samsung have jointly agreed to stop suing each other over alleged patent and intellectual property infringement, though neither company has released details of the terms relating to the settlement.

Nvidia fired the first salvo of the now-ended IP war with Samsung in September 2014, alleging patent infringement in technologies relating to mobile GPU design, programmable shaders, unified shader hardware, and multithreaded parallel processing - the first time in Nvidia's history that the company had actually sued over its 7,000-strong patent portfolio. In November Samsung sued Nvidia over claimed infringement of six of its own patents with a side helping of publishing misleading benchmark results, and the two companies have been fighting it out in the courts ever since.

This week, that ends: the two companies have agreed a settlement which will see all pending and ongoing patent and intellectual property disputes between the two companies ended. Financial terms have not be been disclosed, but Nvidia has confirmed that it includes license agreements for the contentious patents but does not introduce any broad cross-licensing agreement for either company's overall portfolio nor 'other compensation.'

The settlement means that both companies should be able to go on using the technologies in their existing products without threat of a sales ban or other injunctive relief enforced by the courts, and neatly sidesteps any investigation into the validity of the patents in question which could result in their cancellation.
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