Rumour: GeForce GTS 450 due end of August

July 22, 2010 | 11:55

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Nvidia is on roll with new GPU revisions at the moment, with GF104 - the GPU at the heart of the new GTX 460s - looking like a real hit. Word here in Taiwan is that the next derivative of Fermi, the GF106, is due at the end of August.

While that's just six weeks from now, we've been asking around and a few companies don't even have chips to test yet! That's leaving things tight because cards using the chip will have to be on a boat to the US and UK within the next couple of weeks, and it means Nvidia may just supply partners with full reference boards and differentiation will simply be via a sticker and box bundle.

The GF106 will, according to rumours be marketed as the GeForce GTS 450 - the first Fermi with the 'GTS' name - and will feature a 128-bit memory bus but with 1GB of memory.

No other information about cores and clocks are yet available, but given the name we assume it'll drop in below the GTX 460s to compete against the Radeon HD 5770/50s.

We'll continue to keep an ear out and let you know, but tell us if you're waiting for the new DirectX 11 mainstream Nvidia card, in the forums!
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